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The band called Matthew Adam and The Black Ribbon Outlaws was formed in 2019.  The band is a group of talented local musicians, some life long friends, some new friends, but all family.  It’s more than a group of talented guys doing what they love, it’s the fun we have while playing that makes this project such a joy to be part of!


BJ Leach "Drums"

BJ is from Point Pleasant WV and has been married to his beautiful wife, Andrea Leach, for almost a year and half now.  BJ has been playing drums on and off for about 15 years.

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Jeff Lathey "Lead Guitarist" 

Jeff is from Mason County, WV, and has been playing guitar for many years.  He learned to play guitar from his father and grandfather at a young age, and has been performing in front of audiences since the age of twelve. He has played lead guitar with many bands, performing throughout the tri-state area.

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Don Whan "Guitarist"

Don grew up in a small town in south east Ohio. He spent his younger years playing sports and learning to play instruments. His mother, who has a minor in classical piano, started teaching him to play at around the age of 6. He tried a few different instruments before settling on guitar and eventually attending college for music performance and production. Now, when he's not playing music, he spends his time at the golf course or favorite fishing hole.

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Danny Turner "Bass Player"

Danny has been playing bass since the early 90’s.  Genres covered include country, rock, blues, and contemporary Christian.  He’s a 1983 Alexander School graduate and has lived in southeastern Ohio his whole life.  He and his wife of over 30 years, Brenda, live in Albany, Ohio. Hobbies include playing music, building instruments, and single track mountain biking.

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Chuck Davis "Stage Management"

Chuck grew up in southeast Ohio in a town called Middleport Ohio . Chuck met Matt about 15 years ago and has been along for the journey ever sense. When chuck ain’t running lights, sound, driving or slinging merch at the merch table he’s helping with everything else and hyping the crowd. Chucks the man behind the scenes keeping all us in-line. 

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